Giving the gift of wellness this holiday season is the very best thing you could do for any of your loved ones! Fortunately Young Living makes it super easy to do with such gorgeous gifts for everyone in the family. I always always always recommend starting off with the starter kit because when you become a member you get 24% off everything for life and there is zero obligation to sell or have a monthly spending minimum. They just GIVE you an extra 24% off for the rest of your life. How amazing right?

Grab your starter kit today if you don’t have one by visiting this link here and if you already are a member, check out these awesome gifts for your friends and family this holiday season! They make great stocking stuffers!

ningxia red -> 2 oz everyday and it’s the best immune booster and gift of wellness you could possibly give anyone!

countdown lip and cheek set -> a gorgeous set for any woman in your life!

thieves home cleaning kit -> the very best thing to get anyone started on for ditching and switching the chemicals in their homes.

easy breeze shower steamers and citrus fresh shower steamers -> great in your shower to get fresh scents and invigorate your mind and body for the day!

thieves roll-on -> the mothership of staying above the wellness line, I roll mine on the bottom of my feet, back of neck, behind my ears and on my wrists every morning!

dolphin reef diffuser -> my kids would die over this playful and fun diffuser for their rooms!

lip balm set -> infused with essential oils, this lip balm will leave your lips feeling smooth as ever in the months where chapped lips happen the most!

car vent diffuser -> your home smells merry and cheery for the holidays so why not make your car smell the same way?!

rose ointment -> amazing for the skin!

vitlality culinary kit -> have someone in your life who loves to cook? this set is the perfect one for them! it comes with everything you need from six different oil and a bamboo oil rack to a cookbook, bowls and utensils!