I have always been a huge lover of rummage sale season.  The thrill of hunting for little treasures that others don’t want hanging around their house anymore is completely intriguing to me.  However,  when I found out I I was pregnant last summer, rummaging was the only thing I wanted to do and these days, that still hasn’t changed.  I (and my mom) have scored some absolutely incredible clothes that we paid pennies for but are worth top dollar.  Addison is growing out of clothes so fast and when I switched out all her three month clothes for her six month clothes tonight, I found a few things that she never even wore.  It just doesn’t make sense to buy expensive clothes (and buy expensive I mean full price) for her right now so why not let someone else buy them?

Now you know my dirty little secret and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be back at it again tomorrow morning with my fanny pack in tow.

(Okay no fanny pack but it sounded so legit didn’t it?)


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