Worth It

And just like that it’s Thursday and I haven’t sat at my computer once this week.  These days are escaping me as they do every holiday season.  They have been filled with secret Santa gifts, lots of wrapping, last minute shopping and planning out meals and DIY presents for the upcoming week.  I finally got my Christmas cards in the mail yesterday.  They have been sitting on my desk since mid November.  Every year I tell myself I am going to finish all the wrapping and gift buying and DIYing by the 15th of December and every year it never happens.  Monday I signed Andrew and I up for three classes to take at the hospital we are going to give birth at and today I got our pediatrician lined up.  Christmas is my favorite time of year but once the holidays are over, things aren’t going to go into a dull gray mode until April like they usually do.  Oh no…it will be filled with book club hostings, baby showers, a baptism for two beautiful boys and so many other things.  Life will pretty well be in full swing in the beginning of 2014 and won’t stop now until the baby is born.  Then a new full swing and overflowing plate will be filled.  Oh life.  How did you get so serious so quickly?  And when can I have a hefty glass of wine?


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