(Since the internet is crap on our computer still (but the virus is finally fixed amazingly enough) and the Fourth of July post is bound to involve a lot of pictures, I’ll post that one later this week or early next week.  Don’t you just hate technology sometimes?)

Thankful for:  It has been hotter than blazes in little ole’ Milwaukee lately.  Up until today, the humidity has been through the roof and the temperatures have been 90+ degrees all day lowwwng.  We live in a little 1940’s bungalow that doesn’t have central AC so when I get home every night from work, I plant myself right in front of the window unit air conditioner, baby in lap and dog sitting next to me.  I think we’re all pretty grateful for our ghetto looking window unit air conditioner.  She may not be pretty but she gets the job done.

Reading:  Is it me or is Facebook pretty much all shares of online articles lately?  Regardless, I’ve been sucked in and read 90% of the online articles that pop up in my feed, even if they make me cry (think missing and/or abused dogs).

Feeling:  I’ve been comparing myself to bloggers and Instagrammers again a ton and feeling a bit down on myself.  I want to be one of those people who take beautiful pictures and look like I have a glamorous life.  Truth be told though, my life isn’t glamorous.  It has its ups and its downs and gets messy and dirty sometimes.  I do feel like I need to stop using my iPhone as a camera though and bust out my DSLR camera.  The quality of pictures on a real camera are impeccable compared to phone cameras.

Thinking About:  It’s the 9th of July already and I have barely started my Powersheets for the month.  Is this month going to be a bust with goals too?  I sure as heck hope not!  I must make this a priority tonight or tomorrow!

Eating/Drinking:  Mostly water with lemon is my jam these days (although I’m still not getting the recommended 80 ounces a day which I’m sure you’re so shocked about).  And I’m still just pinning food.  Cooking is for the birds (how I wish I was a bird…).

Watching:  I don’t know why I’m still watching this but yup, the Bachelorette is still running on my TV every week.  And was this week sad ever.  It broke my heart watching everyone’s reaction when they learned about Eric’s death.  He seemed to be such a good person and lived so fully that it was hard not to get teary eyed when thinking about such a beautiful soul.  I’ll still be watching next week since Chris is still in the running.  Fingers crossed Andi picks Chris (although I don’t know how she could ever live in small town Iowa…she seems a little too glam for flannels and hay bales)!!!

Listening to:  I can’t remember the last time I even touched a local radio station.  I am all about the Sirius radio since we got it free for six months when we bought our new car back in April.  And “Faster” by Matt Nathanson has been playing on my go-to stations non-stop.  So naturally it’s stuck in my head all.the.time.  I don’t hate it.

Loving: The lip sheer I got in my July Birchbox is heavenly. I just got it yesterday and I probably used it eight times alone today. They nailed it with that pick. The weather today is perfect.  It was a brisk 62 degrees this morning when I dropped Addison off before work and there was hardly any humidity.  If the weather could be like that all day every single day, I would be the happiest girl ever.  And I just realized I talked about weather two separate times in this one post.  Derp derp…small talk rules.


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  1. July 17, 2014 / 1:32 pm

    90+ degrees ?!? That's insane! Yeah, I mean that is true. At least you've got that window A/C to help things out a bit. But you should push for central air conditioning somewhere down the line, with the most effective one that you can buy.

    Tommy Hopkins @ AccuTemp

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