thankful for cozy fleece jackets for babies and a back door landing that is just the perfect size for the stroller when our baby falls asleep on walks and i can’t muster up the courage to wake her quite yet.

reading books on what other options of food i can give addison now that she is eight months (today!!). she started drinking water out of a sippy cup on sunday and i whimpered a little about how she’s so big already.

feeling like i may be getting a little sick but i really don’t want to be so i’m powering through it with the help of orange juice and vitamins.

thinking about our house and crossing my fingers that things work out as planned in the next month. if all goes well, we will be moved out by mid-november if all goes well.

eating/drinking anything that fits into my little 21 day fix containers and that’s on the food plan and drinking water with lemon juice and white chocolate mocha’s. i can’t get enough of those lately.

watching parenthood and how to get away with murder are so deliciously good. i’m still watching desperate housewives when i’m caught up on my new shows. i gave last man standing a shot this weekend and oh man is tim allen stellar. he’s just as funny as i remember him to be in home improvement. such good stuff. are you watching any good shows lately?

listening to elise’s podcasts. they’ve pretty much taken the place of music for me. she’s so inspiring and uplifting and makes me want to get out a conquer the world.

loving the brisk mornings. i’m going to miss this fall weather so much when we move down south. i live for sweaters and changing leaves and crisp mornings. there really is nothing in the world better than this time of year.


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