making: time for the beach, lists of things to do once we can move into our new house…

drinking: sanpellegrino

reading: my bloglovin feed.  i finally have time to catch up during nap time and after addison goes down for the night.  i’m sure this feeling won’t last long though seeing as we are living in a hotel room right now and there is nothing calling my name to do during those times.

wanting: the entire threshold line at target.  we went there the other day for flip flops (who goes to florida and forgets sandals??  this girl apparently) and i went up and down every aisle that had any threshold item in it.  oh man i want it all.

watching: the waves crash at the beach because hey we were there all day yesterday and we’re going back today just as soon as addison wakes up from her nap. 

listening: kenny chesney’s new cd.  and it’s delicious.

eating: at restaurants or take-out for every single meal.  and my body (and weight) are starting to take a toll on me.  i can’t wait to have a kitchen so i can do some real life cooking.  i’ve already got my list made of recipes i plan on trying once we move.

smelling: jack’s throw up (tmi?)

wishing: i was moved into our new house already.  i know this is all starting to sound the same but i really hate hotel living with a baby and a dog that has major anxiety.  it’s so not a good time. 

enjoying: our time on the beach in florida because on sunday we’re headed back to alabama.

loving: my new job as stay at home (or hotel) mom.  spending days with addison are seriously the best.

hoping: jack doesn’t have explosive diarrhea again while walking to the beach later today.  was that tmi again?  welcome to my new job.

needing: a laundromat but not very willing to pay $2 for one washer load and $2 for one dryer load so i’ll just be buying more clothes until then.

feeling: a little sad.  one week ago today was my last day at my job and it was bittersweet.  still thinking about it but i know this move and decision for me to stay at home was the best best best for our family.


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