thankful for:  last weekend my family had a huge family reunion on my mom’s side.  and by huge i mean roughly 30 people.  i don’t have a very big family and a lot of them live out of state so for everyone to be able to come together in one place was truly so special for everyone.  i’m so grateful that we were all able to be there and make a cheers to those who couldn’t be there.  it really makes you count your blessings.

reading:  i have read this article over and over and every time i do, i cry just a little harder.  i grew up with this book in our house and it was one that i was constantly requesting my mom to read to me.  now that i know the real meaning of it, it makes me read the book in a whole new light.  and i weep like a baby.

feeling:  yesterday was my birthday and i’m just so grateful for the people in my life.  my husband made me feel so special and my best friend posted something on facebook that brought me to tears.  i don’t know what i thought life would look like when i turned 28 but i know this is better than i ever thought possible.

thinking about:  there have been so so many videos posted by people doing the ice bucket challenge.  i understand it’s for a good cause and it brings a little fun to an otherwise tough condition but there was one video i saw where the girl pulled pieces of paper out of her bucket saying instead of dumping cold water on your head, people with ALS would likely appreciate it if you just donate instead.  it was the best one by far.

eating/drinking:  i’m obsessed with salads still.  i guess there are worse things but honestly it’s all i want to eat all the time.  that and watermelon.  i’ve also been drinking a lot of infused water too.  the latest and greatest is orange infused water.  try it and you can thank me later.

watching:  i got sucked into watching bachelor in paradise.  it’s getting a little boring though with no competitions and all sorts of love triangles.  but you know.  drama be drama.

listening to:  nothing right now.  i feel lost without my sirius radio.  first world problems.  i know.

loving:  i’m probably going to regret saying this someday but we had to take our vehicle in for a little mishap that had to be repaired (like trailer met passenger door courtesy of gusts of wind sort of thing) and we decided to get a minivan rental to see if we’d ever consider this.  i have to say, i am kind of loving it.  there’s so much extra room and with the sliding doors, i no longer have to be worried about hitting cars with my door in the target parking lot.  but i do feel like i’m 40 when i jump into the drivers seat of that puppy.  i’m not ruling it out though!


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