thankful for our last few days in wisconsin.  and i’m trying to soak up as much time as i can with my family and friends.  it has to last me a while.

reading a bunch of HGTV magazines and not that kind of girl by lena dunham.  hoping to finish that book this month so i can participate in the book discussion at the end of the month!

feeling like i wish i had a landing spot instead of someone else’s home and/or a hotel right now.  soon soon.  i just have to have a leeeetle patience.

thinking about how crazy and scary it is that today is my last day of my job.  i’ve been employed on the payroll since i was 15 years old but i’ve worked since i was ten or eleven with babysitting and other little things and it’s a little scary to know that once today is over, i won’t have a payroll job anymore.  i’m excited for the opportunity to be a stay at home mom full time though.  it’s going to take some work and definitely a schedule but i’m ready for it (i think).

eating/drinking nothing homemade by me and i’m okay with it.  the lack of kitchen is kind of a big ole factor and we are eating out a ton ton ton right now but that’s alright.  once we get settled into our little abode, the eating out will disappear almost immediately.  i’m drinking a tonnnnn of panera green tea though.  i can’t get enough of it.

watching anything that’s on tv.  i was watching gilmore girls on netflix but then you know…the move kind of takes a toll on netflix watching so now i’m just watching the usual; parenthood, how to get away with murder, and mike and molly.  i don’t keep up with that one but it’s a great mindless sitcom.

listening to dear future husband by meghan trainor.  on repeat.

loving having our little family together right now.  it’s a good feeling.


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