thankful for a date night with my sister last week.  we went to a cooking class at sur la table for my birthday and had four of the most delicious small plates ever. i’ll definitely be making those again in the near future and when i do, i’ll be sure to share them with you all.

reading this blog a lot lately. i’ve followed erin on instagram for so long but never checked out her blog until recently and now i.am.hooked.

feeling beyond stressed lately. there’s a lot of work stuff and personal stuff going on and it’s really wearing me down.  i know god won’t give me anything that i can’t handle though and this too shall pass so i keep trying to remind myself of that. i kind of feel like the above picture lately.

thinking about participating in the conscious closet challenge.  i’ve thought about doing this for a while but when i saw natalie talk about doing it, it sparked my interest, when i heard elise doing it, i started researching more about it and now that i hear anna participating in the challenge, i am pretty much going to do it myself too.  i’m just not sure when yet because if i start it now and we end up moving in a month or two, that’s a different weather change and man what a mess that would be. i think i’ll start it when we are moved and finally have a permanent home state for a while. stay tuned.

eating/drinking water with lemon and brussel sprouts. i forgot how much i loved those little bites of green until a few days ago when i steamed some up. tastes so awesome!

watching the season premieres of shows again!!! i watched the season premiere of parenthood last week and oh man was it a good one. i can’t help but think though every time i watch an episode we are just that much closer to the end of the show.  it makes me sad that this is the last season. bridget took a poll on her facebook two weeks ago about starting up a fundraiser to save parenthood…anyone in?  i thought it was a genius idea! i also watched how to get away with murder.   did you see that one too?  i thought it was pretty darn terrific so far.

listening to semis driving by and the hum of the heat because it’s 6am and there is no movement in this house besides the clicking of my fingers on the keyboard.

loving feather pillows and down comforters.  the good blankets came out to play for fall and winter and i am now wondering why i ever put them away.  they’re so cozy and delicious and i melt whenever i’m under them.


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