thankful for: how incredible god is.  last week we celebrated my grandma and great aunt (who are twins!!!) for their 87th birthday and quite honestly, considering their age they are in fantastic shape.  i mean sure they have aches and pains and a couple health issue but god is so good for giving them such good health and such a stealthy age.  and my grandma’s wit.  oh she definitely still has it.

reading: ever so often i’ve been opening up It Starts With Food to get a little recipe inspiration. it’s been sitting on my end table for about two weeks though and i still haven’t read a full chapter.  this is what happens the minute your face touches a pillow though…even when you try so so hard to stay awake.

feeling: sometimes i get in this rut where i am constantly checking instagram and others blogs and even though i should feel more inspired by them, i end up feeling like i’m not good enough and everyone else’s lives look so much more glamorous.  like why can’t i take a beautiful shot like that, have a clever thing to say like that, have creativity like that.  do you ever feel that way?  i’ve been feeling that way a bit lately but this time instead of closing down instagram or the blogs that typically inspire me, i’m trying to embrace it and have them push me past this lull into something new and more creative that i can do.

thinking about: if i’m being honest, i’m thinking about our move soon. i keep researching alabama and the more i research it, the more nervous and excited and a little scared i am to move so far away to an unknown place.  have you ever been to alabama or do you live there/know anyone who lives there?  what’s it like? if you live there, do you want a new friend? haha, i think i’m thinking too much into this. but seriously, when i move there do you want to be my friend? i will soooo need one.

eating/drinking: drinking a lot of water lately.  i started this a new clean eating program yesterday (i’ll talk more about it once i’m past you know day two!) and i pretty much have to drink a gallon of water if i don’t want a throbbing headache.  i’ve heard days three and four are the worst ones so i’m pretty excited that i’m about to approach those shortly.  or not…

watching: bachelor in paradise is the most boring awesome show ever.  but really.  there’s no challenges and there is always drama and always always always tears.  and i don’t even know why i’m watching it but i am.  and did you all hear chris from iowa is going to be the next bachelor?  we all know i loved him so yeah…i’m a pretty happy camper over here!

listening to: addison has this crazy weird sickness right now called hand foot mouth which has been causing her to be just fine during the day but at night she screams when going to bed.  it’s in the back of her throat so it bothers her a lot more when she lays down.  and to answer this question i would have to say i’m listening to my crying baby.  who screamed in agony for two hours on saturday night. it broke my heart to see her like that and not be able to do anything about it.  it’s slowly but surely on its way out though.

loving: the above painting is so dreamy and i just want to frame her and throw her up on my bare white walls for a splash of lovely color.  for my birthday, andrew got me a macbook air and i am love love LOVING it! i’ve never and a mac before so at time it can be a little frustrating (who are we kidding, it can be a lot frustrating) but frustrating as it may be i love it all the same.  she’s a beauty and easy and so little.  sometimes i think i’m working on my i-pad and forget that it’s a full size computer.


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