Thankful for:  I try not to look at my stats too often.  I used to feel disappointed with them so I just don’t bat an eye at them anymore because they only get me down in the slumps.  For whatever reason I checked them a few days ago and gosh I don’t think I realized how many people actually read this here space on a daily basis.  I have to say how grateful I am to all of you who come here and read every day.  There’s so many incredible blogs out there so the fact that you choose mine to read really makes my heart so so happy.  I’m glad I finally found a space where I can really write whatever comes to mind rather than feeling confined because it doesn’t follow a theme.  My first two (short lived) blogs were definitely learning experiences in order to get to this one that you read today!  So thank you everyone and big hugs and sloppy wet kisses on the cheeks to you all!

Reading:  I’ve been all about sifting through the archives of my very favorite blogs lately.  It’s so fun to find out things you never knew about someone just by reading their archives.  Mama Watters is the one I’m currently digging through to learn more about her, her heart, and to sneak a peek at some of her inspiration.

Feeling:  I’ve been feeling very restless lately.  I’ve mentioned this a few times and I still can’t spill the beans yet (I know I know, it’s harder for me than you though) but some big changes are coming up in the next couple months and I don’t know if I’m strong enough to handle it.  I’m putting my heart and faith in God to get me through this new hurdle in our life though.  I trust He knows what He is doing.  And you can trust me that you will find out sooner than later.

Thinking About:  You guys know I love the MotherMag blog since I confessed it here.  But last week they published an article with pictures that just didn’t sit well with me.  It’s not that it was inappropriate in the sense of that it shouldn’t be on the internet but it was inappropriate for a website that claims to be so focused on motherhood and children.  The cover photo of this article too was just disturbing.  My first thought when I saw this was “Really?  This is what they think mothers should be worried about or even thinking about?”  I don’t know why but I can’t get over it and it’s opening my eyes to other things on the site I didn’t notice before (like how every shop feature that they post has clothes that are sickly expensive for your baby that is going to grow out of them in just a few short months).  I thought this MotherMag blog would be all about the real life stuff in motherhood with a little glam sprinkled in; not all glam with a little real life.

Eating/Drinking:  I’ve been pushing myself to drink water during the day more and more by using the liquid Kool-Aid squeeze flavors.  Cherry and grape are hands down the bestest.  Most nights lately (which this could be really bad but I’m diggin’ it) I’ve been treating myself to an Apple Strawberry Cider beer and the taste of it after the baby is down and the lights are dimmed.  Heavenly I tell you.  The eating part hasn’t been anything specific lately…more like pinning a ton of things I wish someone would make me so I could eat them.  So better luck next week with that one.

Watching:  I cannot stop thinking about Orange is the New Black!  What foolish person decided it was a good idea to only watch it with our two friends and not watch any episodes without them?  (Guiltily raises hand.)  I have to find distractions in order to not watch the whole second season.  We watched episodes 6 and 7 last night and whole beejezus I love it.  I just love love love it.  Anyone else obsessing over Orange is the New Black?  I’ve been keeping up with The Bachelorette too because I have three top picks that I’m really into but this past Monday both Brian and Dylan went home so my last hope for Andi getting a good guy is Chris.  I think if she cuts him, I’ll probably stop watching the show.  Nick and Josh are such doucebags and Marcus is sweet but meh…I’m not super impressed.  But farmer boy Chris?  Yep…I’ve been rooting for him since day one.

Listening to:  All I’ve been hearing is the hum of motorcycles lately.  Not only in our own driveway, but constantly up and down our street we live off of and obviously at work because hello.  When you work for Harley-Davidson, you may see a motorcycle here and there if you know what I mean.  It’s the sweetest sound of summer and since our riding season is so short in the Midwest, we take advantage of it the best we know how.  Another thing I’ve been hearing a lot of lately (and I’m talking a lotttt you guys) is the icecream truck.  It’s after work when I get out, it’s constantly in our neighborhood.  I hear the damn icecream truck everywhere.  I really didn’t mind it too much up until two weeks ago when we were all at my in-laws place.  Out of nowhere I start hearing the icecream truck (I’ve never heard an icecream truck even remotely close to their house) so half way through my conversation I stop talking and ask everyone “Do you hear the icecream truck?”  They all laughed at me because Addison’s new toy she was playing with had music and I didn’t realize it.  That’s when I knew I was officially losing my mind.

Loving:  My little bean is a machine lately.  She is dying to crawl and is constantly shoving her face into the carpet to push her butt high in the air.  She’s going to be moving in no time.  It has been giving me so much joy to watch her discover new things.  She’s been grabbing onto her toes when I change her now and it’s so funny to watch her because she’s so intrigued with everything.  Her and Jack are slowly becoming best friends too.  He sits on her blanket when she’s doing tummy time on it and she follows him with her stare down whenever he walks anywhere.  It’s a slow and steady budding friendship.


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