When Maps & Frames Come Together

This little super easy project has been on my list of things to make since May.  I’m finally getting around to it.  Let me tell you how embarrassing that is.  For quite some time though, I couldn’t really find any maps.  I mean really?  When I was younger there would be a fold up state map everywhere we went, including the local diner we hit up weekly.  In August, God said “let there be maps” and I literally backed into a travel Wisconsin booth at the state fair.  I snagged six of them and caught the evil glare of the lady behind the booth before I dove back into the crowd.

So about this project though.  Can it even really be called a project if I just framed three maps?  Helllllls to the yes.  I saw this puppy around the web way back and thought I had to display my own map story in our house.

Here’s what you need…Frame, Three Maps, Scissors, Paper for matting, Liquid glue, Crayons/pens/markers/pencils/any sort of writing tool if you want to write underneath each map.

Here’s what to do…1)  Cut each map to the size of the frame opening.  I used three maps; one for where we met, one for where we moved, and one for where we got married.  2)  Use a little liquid glue on each map to mat the locations on pieces of paper.  I used black because my background was white and I thought it would look cool with white lettering.  3)  Write underneath each picture.  You can use any writing tool for this or even stickers but I used white crayon to write on the black paper.  4)  Frame each map in the picture frame and display proudly in your home!!

PS.  Sorry for the awful glare.  These pictures were taken at night and the beautiful flash was a must in order to actually see the work of art.  Better luck next time with taking pictures during the day.


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