Let me just get this out of the way and say yes, this is a sponsored mom post but I really promise it’s going to be a very painless one.  Like a fun one because hello…babies!  And things you carry around for your baby all day ‘errrr day.  I’m always curious about what’s in other moms bags so today I’m giving you a peek into mine.

I’ve had enough times in my four short months of mommyhood where I’ve gone to change Addison when we were out and about running errands and I was completely out of wipes.  Please, you know this has happened to you too.  The cheap plastic white container is shoved so far into the bag that you completely forget about it until you absolutely need it and then you reach for it and bam; one wipe left that is dryer than dry.  And it usually happens when it’s an explosion of a diaper.  Yep, those are the very best.

When I picked up these Huggies Clutch and Clean wipes I was completely smitten with the pattern and accessibility.  Huggies, you impressed me.  They don’t scream mom on duty when I see them and they’re not going to end up on the bottom of the bag because they can clip onto the bag.  Hooray!!!  Someone finally got it right!!!

With the space I saved in the bag, I now have room for Addison’s change of clothes -complete with a sun hat, sunglasses, socks, and sweater, teething toys, blanket, nursing cover, sunscreen, burp cloth and bib, diapers (oh sooooo many diapers), pacifier, nose sucker -because that thing drips like a faucet….I think she took after Andrew with allergies poor kid, and my phone/wallet case and lip stuff.  It’s unreal the amount of room I’m saving with keeping the wipes outside the bag with this handy dandy clutch.  Just a good good product all around for anyone with littles.  Well played Huggies, well played.

What’s in your fifty pound diaper bag?  Need yourselfself some Clutch n Clean wipes?  Yup, you do actually.


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  1. June 20, 2014 / 1:17 pm

    fifty pound diaper bag. sooooo true.

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