It’s been a while since I wrote up one of these.  I’ve been trying to read a lot lately.  A few weeks ago, I had a surgery that left me sitting at home with my foot elevated for eight days straight so I certainly had the time to catch up on the books I’ve been dying to dive into.  Let’s jump right into it shall we?

Divergent by Veronica Roth

I finished this one back in March but realized that I never wrote a review on it (probably because I was hardly doing any reading anyways so it wasn’t worth it).  I have read the other two books in this trilogy yet but I really loved Divergent.  It was super action packed and kept you on the edge of your seat the entire time.  Now I just need to get my grimy hands on the other two to find out what happened.  Have you guys seen the movie yet?  Is it as good as the book?  I feel like the movies are never as good as the books but I still think I want to see this one.

More Than You Know by Beth Gutcheon

This book someone in our book club picked and I didn’t finish it before our next meeting because honestly, it was a tough one to get through.  Once I finally sat down and committed myself to it though, I ended up liking it.  It wasn’t a favorite and I probably wouldn’t read it again but when I was reading it, I enjoyed it.  It jumps back and forth between two time periods and the way of living for two different families and how they intertwine together.  It really is a good read for someone who needs something quick and easy.

The Dinner by Herman Koch

I was so so excited to read this book.  My anticipation was through the roof when I got it from the library and I powerhoused through it in a few days.  One day I ended up in the library reading a couple chapters and before I knew it, four hours had gone by and I had read the entire thing.  It’s about a secret that ties two families together that is so deep that there ends up being a lot of controversy.  I loved how it was written because it jumped from the present (which was the dinner setting) and the past (which was what the secret actually was).  I was expecting a completely different ending though and am rather disappointed with how it ended.  It left the question “really? that just happened?” rolling through my mind a ton.  Has anyone else read this one?  Were you surprised at the ending too?

Motherhood Comes Naturally by Jill Smokler

I read this book after becoming hooked to Jill’s blog Scary Mommy and quickly realized that this book is just as good if not better than her blog.  By no means is it a real life child rearing guide but a quick and hilarious read for those who are slowly evolving in the role of motherhood.  A lot of the experiences she talks about in her time as a mama I can’t relate to yet since I’ve only taken on the role a mere four and a half months ago but if it’s anything like her stories, I am in for quite the adventure.  Be prepared to not be able to put this book down until you finish it and you might as well have a box of Kleenex close by because you will laugh so hard you cry.  Or at least I did.  I’m pretty sure Andrew was grateful when I finished this book because every other page I wanted to read “just one more line” to him.  Oddly enough, he didn’t find it as funny as I did.

Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty by Diane Keaton

I haven’t finished this completely yet but I absolutely adore Diane and am loving her stories in this book.  The beginning of the book was especially profound because she seems so old fashioned to me but then to hear that she admires people like Lady Gaga because of her strong woman-ness…it doesn’t surprise me but the mention of Lady Gaga definitely through me back.  Anyways, in my eyes Diane Keaton can truly do no wrong and seeing as I’m three quarters of the way through this book, I can promise that you will enjoy this quick easy read too.

What have you been reading lately?  Any recommendations?  I’m always looking for a good book to add to my list.



  1. July 1, 2014 / 2:45 pm

    haha i would not expect diane keaton to mention lady gaga in her book!! i am glad you are enjoying it though! i need to read that!

  2. July 7, 2014 / 5:32 pm

    I love seeing what other people are reading and getting ideas from them. I have a super long to-read list as it is but am always looking for new additions. I'm really intrigued by The Dinner and will have to keep my eyes out for it.
    I've ready Divergent and Insurgent and just got a hold of a copy of Allegiant so I'll be reading that soon. Thought the movie was good and if I hadn't read the book probably would've thought it was great. I'm currently reading The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer and really enjoying it!

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