What I’m Reading Now

This summer has not been a good one for reading.  I haven’t done nearly as much as I usually do and I already have a stack of books I plan on tackling for the fall.  Isn’t fall the best time to read anyways when you can cozy up with apple cider and the windows open?

I’m in a book club and this was our book for September.  Honestly, it was a little depressing but I really loved A Long Way Down.

The story is about four people who meet on the top of a roof on New Years Eve with the intention of ending their lives.  With eachothers help, they encounter circumstances they never saw coming, confronting limits, and taking second chances.  The best part of the book I think was that each chapter was told by a different person so you could see everyone’s side of their own story.

Even though the topic is very serious, the author was really able to keep the book light and there were parts I found myself laughing out loud.  It’s an easy read and makes you put everything into perspective just a little better.

I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a quick but hilarious read!  It’s also coming out as a movie next year!  I can’t wait to see how they put this one together!

Have you read any good books lately?  I’m always looking to add to my list.


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