just one week ago today, we welcomed our little amelia june into the world. at seven fifty-seven in the morning and after a quick labor, our doctor handed us over our sweet little baby, all seven pounds eleven ounces of her. and there she laid pressed up against my chest for a good bit of time, snuggling and nursing away while we soaked up all of her newborn goodness. every once in a while her sweet eyes would open and we would lock eyes and i would fall in love even more. it was such an intense morning and i fell in love with the beginning of motherhood as a mama of two now all over again. i didn’t realize how much my love could expand until i met our sweet little amelia. with andrew leaning into my bedside, we soaked in the first sweet moments of our newest little girl. it was such a dreamlike morning and i never ever want to forget the blessing god sent us on that dreary rainy morning. oh, how we love our sweet baby girl.



  1. December 21, 2015 / 3:56 pm

    So beautiful!!! Congrats to you two! Cant wait until she joins girls night 🙂

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