Weighing Me Down

Good afternoon and happy Saturday!  I hope your day is as bright and sunny as ours is here!  The sun is beaming and the windows are open!  Oh sweet May, I’m so happy you finally feel like spring around these parts!  It is day ten of our Blog Every Day in May challenge and today’s topic is something a little less shiny; something heavy on your heart.

^^That child crying right there?  That’s not my baby, that’s me…(source)

This past Monday I finished my maternity leave and went back to work.  I’m not going to lie; it’s tough stuff.  I love the childcare we chose for Addison but I hate leaving her every morning with someone else to care for her.  They don’t know her like I do and even though she did just fine the three days she was there last week, I did nothing but think of her all day.

People keep saying that it will get easier.  I don’t want to hear that though.  I don’t want to hear that it will be easier to hand my child over to someone I don’t know for eight plus hours a day.

I’ve toyed with the idea of being a stay at home mom but it doesn’t make much sense for us right now.  Maybe someday but only time will tell with that one.

So I’m the mom that other parents stare at as they drop their kids off and run out the door to start the day.  The mom that wants just one more kiss and one more snuggle and one more “I promise you can call anytime you want”.  What I really need someone to do is tell me to pull it together and move on (in a large sergeant like voice)!  I need a real swift kick in the rear.

What’s heavy on your heart these days?

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