This post is part of a series I started of everything I’m currently reading, shopping for, listening to and loving this week! I always love seeing what other people are enjoying so I wanted to share what I’m into lately too.

Currently Reading:
Two weeks ago I finished listening to An American Marriage on Audible and it was absolutely incredible. Like seriously one of the best reads (listens) I’ve read in a long time!

I also finished Home Fire two weeks ago and it was a good one. I expected a twist to it but definitely not the one they gave. Holy man you guys, your mind will be blown at how the book ends if you read it.

I’m in the middle of Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown right now and it’s a quick easy read so far with a lot to think about and ponder over. I love switching around between a little fiction and nonfiction to keep my mind fresh but this one is just what I needed right now.

Recent Purchases:
In the beginning of last month I cleaned out my closet a good bit and chose a variety of pieces to do a capsule wardrobe with from March 15-April 15. My closet was overflowing with stuff and I really wanted to pair down and focus on what I have already instead of buying just to buy. With that said, I have still bought some things especially with summer wear coming out and quite a few vacations in the next few months but I haven’t worn any of these things and don’t intend to until my capsule wardrobe month is over.

There were a bunch of awesome sales recently and I scooped up these linen pants for this summer that I’m so excited about. Honestly if you’ve never owned linen pants, this is your year to buy them. They are the softest ever! I saw this oh hey vacay tee too that I couldn’t not get because it’s the cutest!


I snagged a few accessories that I couldn’t help too. I’m obsessed with the straw trend that’s going on so I bought this purse and this bag to carry around this summer. I didn’t invest a lot in them just because who knows if I’ll be into the same thing next year but I really do love these two inexpensive purses!


A couple other random things I bought over the last couple weeks are this striped jumpsuit and a pretty black floral jumpsuit. I’m hoping they work for me since I’ve never really been into the jumpsuit trend before but these two were so cute that I thought I’d give it another go. Another stripy number I picked up and thought was so cute was this dress from Target from that new Universal Thread line. I just love how easy it is and you can totally dress it up with some pretty jewelry and heels or keep it casual with sneakers or flats.

I bought a couple new pairs of sandals since mine were wearing down quite a bit from last summer. I tend to have two or three “go-to” sandals and I wear them until they’re pretty much falling apart so it was time to upgrade! These double strap sandals I picked up in both the cognac and gold color. I thought they were so cute and classic! I also grabbed a pair of these black flats to throw on with everyday wear. I really loved these studded heels too to girly up an outfit or for church so I bought them in the taupe color for spring! I’m definitely most excited about these!



Listening To:
I’ve been really into listening to podcasts lately and love The Life Coach School podcast lately. So so many good episodes but especially Episode 17 on “How to Solve Any Problem” is really good!

I’ve listened to a couple of the episodes of the Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast and I’m really enjoying those too. Especially after I read her book The Happiness Project, it’s a good continuation on all her thoughts and ways of being simply happier.










Other random things:
I was watching Shark Tank the other night and a product called Swork It came up. It’s an app that lets you put in the amount of time you can commit to a workout and what you want to do (strength training, yoga, core, etc.) and it will create a workout for you based on what you put in. I downloaded it and have only used it a couple times but it seems really cool! The first month was free so I figured it would be worth it to try and if I never used it, I won’t be losing out if I cancel. Not sponsored at all, just a little plug for anyone who wants to check it out!

Another quick thing. That picture on the very top? I want every single kitchen thing from it! Anthropologie has the CUTEST kitchen stuff right now and I’m totally down for replacing all my dishes with these beauties! Haha, wishful thinking but hey a girl can dream am I right?


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  1. April 11, 2018 / 5:36 am

    Love the weekly roundups. So interesting. Keep up the fun.

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