Wakey Wakey

Day 14!!!  We made it two weeks already!  Can you hardly believe it?  After this Challenge is over I might have to take a month long break…whew!  Just kidding 🙂

Today’s topic:  your favorite way to wake up.

Ever since I became a mom, mornings have been my favorite. I have never ever been a morning person but Addison is totally a morning lover. I’m not sure where she gets it from since it’s not from me or her daddy but she is the most happy in the morning so I’ve tried to take after her.

Stumbling downstairs, I make myself a cup of hazelnut coffee with Heath bar creamer and sugar. Then I go back upstairs where Addison is already snuggles underneath our blankets and Jack is sleeping next to her. I look out at the morning glow, sip my coffe slowly, stare at my babies, and eventually pick up a book to read before they wake up. 

Definitely my favorite way  to wake up these days.

Blog Every Day in May – Day 14

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