The older the girls are getting, the more fun it is to celebrate all the holidays and make it special for them. I even decorated a little around the house in pink and it made Addison so happy to see her very favorite color popping up in the living room and kitchen (Amelia couldn’t have cared less though!). I like to get them a little something to make the holiday special and there’s so many cute and affordable things out there for kids!

Both girls are really into crafting so I thought this decorate your own craft kit would win big points! Bath bombs can only make bath time that much more fun so I’m going to get them a couple of those. And seriously how CUTE is that glitter heart bag!?!? I want it in an adult size! I’m also going to throw in a few of their favorite candies and a tube of bubbles because kids and their bubbles. It’s the best!

Rainbow Nesting Toy // Decorate Your Own Craft

Bath Bombs // Hair Clips // Heart Ruffle Socks // Glitter Heart Bag

Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar // M&M’s


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