this is something i’ve been thinking a lot about lately. mostly in terms of this blog but also in life in general.

i have not always been one who liked to try new things. i would admire people from afar and think i wish. but now that’s not really the case at all. which can absolutely be a good thing but also absolutely be a bad thing. specifically on this blog i have tried and done lots of things. some have lasted, some have not.

i started thinking about this last night when i was pep talking myself into making sure i got up early today and gathered all the things for the e&a in september post that i haven’t yet started. i needed to make sure i gathered all the things, found my white board that i do the photographing on, try to squeeze photographing while addison is sleeping and cross my fingers that the light is jussssst right at that time of day, edit the pictures, write the post, find links to the items, and the list goes on. and i HAD to do it today because it’s september 30 and i just can’t let yet another month pass without this post.

but then i realized. if i have to talk myself into doing this post, it’s clearly not something i enjoy and if i don’t like doing it then what makes me think you all like reading it? i mean, i write down all the things in addison’s journal anyways so why do i need to document it in picture form? plus when i miss a month, i get down on myself and is that really worth it? nope. life is too short for that.

there have been lots of trial and failure series’ on this blog. the 28 before 29 didn’t get finished because a quarter of the way through i realized that i am not as much of a maker as i was hoping i would be. and when i am, i almost always forget to take pictures during the process. and that’s okay. the health challenge didn’t work out for very long for reasons you can find here. documenting project life on a weekly basis for surrrrre didn’t work for me. i still haven’t completed the 2014 album so i’m not sure what on earth i was thinking.

but you know what has worked for me so far? trying. i love trying these things out and the more i try out, the closer i am to finding what does work for me.

the blog is just a small example of this because it happens in my daily life too. i’ve tried crocheting, knitting, sewing, photography, scrapbooking, running, snowboarding, writing, cooking, a book club, yoga, gym classes, goal setting with power sheets, journaling. i mean i could talk forever about things that have come and gone in my life. i used to try to replicate other people’s fashion style or home decor to have mine look the exact same because i didn’t know what my niche was but i knew i liked theirs. thankfully at age 29, i finally know exactly the home decor style that makes my heart sing. on the fashion side of things, i’m still taking tips from the pros.

anyway, the whole point of this is i try a lot of things. but throughout the process i’m always learning and though not mastering, definitely enhancing my knowledge. and i never ever regret trying something because if i didn’t try it, i might not realize how much i love doing it. and a lot of those things up above that i mentioned? i might not be a pro at any one of them but almost all of them are still in my life and bring me joy.

so don’t sit in the background wishing you could do it. try it; you’re not going to be perfect at it the first time around anyway. and if it’s chalked up to being a failure, find the next thing you want to try. but don’t ever stop learning. when you stop learning, you stop caring and this world has way too much to offer to stop caring.


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