I’ve always had big dreams for my youngest daughters bedroom but was never sure if I would be able to bring them to fruition. I envisioned her room to be playful and fun but able to grow with her and I knew I didn’t want it to scream girlie girl since she isn’t quite as pink pink pink!!! as a typical three year old!

For quite some time we had two beds in her bedroom because she was close to moving from her crib to her toddler yet. Not there yet but not worth it to take the toddler bed down and put it in the attic. Then she moved into her toddler bed and it was cute in the room but the room still hadn’t come quite together because it looked so tiny in her room!

Now that we moved her into a twin size bed in August, this room looks exactly like I imagined it to! It may be one of my favorite bedrooms in our home!

The signs above her bed couldn’t be more true to her personality and even though she isn’t very girlie girl, I wanted to play around with the flower theme the signs suggest! The neutral and white tones with the soft peach pink walls too work so well together that I couldn’t not go very neutral with her room decor.

The dresser in here is the perfect size for her room because she can reach the drawers she needs to but I can still keep things up that I don’t want her getting into. The rug is an indoor/outdoor one and I really love how it pulls everything together over the carpet. Without it, the room definitely looks like it’s missing something.

Toys because she’s slowly phasing into dropping her afternoon nap and turning it into quiet time play (honestly she’ll be four in December and I just feel completely BLESSED that when given the opportunity she still naps!). Her favorite is for sure the wooden tool bench but I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s the loudest 😉

The flowers are simple paper flowers I found at Hobby Lobby that I clustered together in the aisle of the store (just to make sure it wouldn’t look completely awful) and added some colorful floral that matched the bedding. I love how it turned out when bunched all together! We had her silhouette done in Disney World when we were there last year and I added a few other pieces to pull the wall together but not make it look too busy or cluttered.

For a while I didn’t know what to do with this wall because having two large walls can be intimidating! But the display shelves up top were the perfect touch to showcase some of my favorite pieces. The blankets stacked together are really special because two of them my grandma made for her and the white one I made. The little basket holds a bunch of oils we diffuse at night for her and the piggy bank pig was a baptism gift. Sometimes the things that hold the memories from others are the most fun to show.

I have been meaning to share her bedroom for a long time and I hope this inspires you with your kids rooms! I think the special thing about kids rooms is it doesn’t have to be perfect because as excited as I was when it was done, she couldn’t have cared less! Haha…as long as it’s functional and has a few special items to you, that’s all that really matters when it comes to kids rooms.


Paint Color – Valspar Apricot Fluff
Bed – Haverty’s
Comforter – Target
Wildflower Signs – Hobby Lobby
Book Sling – Amazon
Kids Chair – IKEA
Mirror (over dresser) – Target
Dresser – Haverty’s
Lamp – Target
Diffuser – Young Living
Rug – Target
Curtains -IKEA
Doll Stroller – Toys R’ Us (when they were still around ;))
Dollhouse – IKEA
Baby Changing Table – Gifted
Wooden Tool Bench – Hearth & Hand from Target
White Hanging Flowers and Florals – Hobby Lobby
Circle Flower Shelf – Hobby Lobby
Deer Picture – Hobby Lobby
Silhouette – Disney World vendor
Blanket Ladder Picture – Hobby Lobby


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