time. it’s such a funny thing isn’t it? for so long i have been waiting for extra time. the perfect time.

waiting to print those pictures that have been sitting on my hard drive for three years.

waiting for the extra time to pray in the morning.

waiting to make that trip to nantucket that we’ve talked about taking for so long.

waiting to become a better cook if i only i had that *time* to focus better on it.

waiting for a chance to read that 700+ page book that looks so good.

waiting to be a better friend.

waiting for the right opportunity to visit a loved one, or even just make that phone call.

when we’re little, time goes on forever. we’re constantly wishing for it to move just a little faster so we can get to the next chapter of our lives. once i graduated college, time changed for me. it slipped through my fingers in the blink of an eye. i’ll be entering a new era in two months and yesterday i swear i was only twenty-two years old. graduating college, not having a clue what would be ahead of me. and now here i am. married, two babies, living in a state i never thought i’d end up.

i like to make a new set of goals every birthday. august always seems like a good time to recheck myself as we close out a beautiful season and step into the last third of the year. but why wait for that time when i can start right now.

start to put down that phone and pull out that journal to write in book to read during nap time.

start to turn off the tv and get the rest of my to-do list marked off.

start to wake up early and enjoy the views of babies sleeping and the sun rising.

start to use my video camera more and scrolling social media less.

there’s so much life to live and that’s exactly what i want to do. i want to live life instead of staring at someone else’s over a phone screen! i want to be content and happy with the beautiful time here on this earth god has given me instead of be jealous of someone else’s beautifully curated pictures. as i stare at my sweet beautiful baby girls, they are a sure sign from the heavens that time stands still for no one. i don’t want to miss a single thing in their lives. i’m looking forward to the rest of this year more than ever because right now is the best time to start living!


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