Three of My Faves

Three of your favorite blogs.  That’s today’s topic for the Challenge.  I contemplated putting this one on here because my oh my do I have way too many favorites.  I should really do a blog post some day of just my favorite blogs so you can all check them out because there sure are some beauties out there.  But if I had to pick my absolute top three most favoritest of them all…

One Little Momma:  I can’t lie, I found Kilee’s blog only two weeks ago but I fell in love with her instantly.  She’s so real and speaks straight from the heart, her momma style is out of this world (I’ve already picked up a few tips from her), and her little lovey boys; oh they are the cutest peanuts!  Plus that hair?  I mean…I thought I was the only one who rocked short hair these days but honestly…I want her to teach me how she does it!

Along Abbey Road:  Abbey is the absolute sweetest in blogland.  I’ve loved reading all about her little boys and her honesty about motherhood keeps me always questioning and re-thinking my opinions about it, especially in her post here.  She was even kind enough to allow me to borrow this post when I was accepting guest bloggers right after I had Addison.  And her laid back mommy style?  I want to raid her closet.

It’s The Little Things:  I was first introduced to Amanda when a friend told me about her gorgeous pictures she posts on Instagram.  From there I was hooked and it’s no wonder.  Between the weekly pictures of her babies and the breathtaking home, all I want to do is browse through her archives all day long.

What are your favorite blogs?

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