This Summer…

Day 31.  We did it friends.  I know I’ve said it so many times you’re sick of hearing it but I can’t believe May is over already.  Is 2014 whizzing past anyone else’s eyes?  I blink and a month is gone.  Nuts.  Anyways, I want to thank everyone who stuck with me for the Blog Every Day in May (mostly Tara!) whether you were participating or just reading it every day.  I know it was a challenge; it certainly was for me some days, but alas we pushed on and are better bloggers for it.  I feel like I am at least.  Now shall we get to our final topic?  It’s something you’re looking forward to this summer.

This summer is going to be one for the books.  We have almosst every weekend planned out already and as much as that’s a pain sometimes, we have some realllllly good stuff ahead of us so I’m pretty excited.  Multiple camping trips, a beer fest, family bike rides, Six Flags Great America for a little roller coaster action, weddings, rummage sales, a family reunion, road trips, and a new little life to show all these new experiences to.

I think that last part is the part I’m most excited about.  Having Addison with us while camping and swimming this year will be totally different from past years but it’s a memory I am so looking forward to creating with her.

What are you looking forward to this summer?

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