ahh the third trimester. the time of braxton hicks contractions, insomnia, fatigue, discomfort, shortness of breathe, a smaller appetite in one sitting but one that is ever present, and kicks that get stronger and stronger by the day. the home stretch though! the nesting instinct kicks into full gear and you’re a hundred and ten percent go go go and get it allllllll done (and get rid of all the things while you’re at it) since that baby will be here before you know it.

the third trimester is different for everyone but i thought it would be fun to share a few things that are working for me right now and that i wouldn’t want to live without during these last few weeks of pregnancy!

1. gap maternity black leggings
these have been a lifesaver for me with both pregnancies. i have practically lived in my leggings the last few weeks and know i will be living in them for the next weeks to come and these gap ones are so incredibly comfortable.

2. lipton citrus green tea
i’ve been on again off again liking this green tea pre-pregnancy but right now i simply cannot get enough of this green tea. like drinking an entire gallon in two days obsessed. it’s gotten to the point where when we visit neighbors for a football game on a saturday afternoon, i just bring the whole jug with me because i know i’ll go through it. yikes…

3. leachco back ‘n belly contoured body pillow 
i’ve heard people swear on body pillows when they’re pregnant but i didn’t understand the hoorah of it until my friend let me borrow hers a few weeks ago. oh my gosh, i didn’t think i’d ever sleep again. granted the insomnia is still there, but this body pillow has been really helping with trying to find a comfortable position for a good night of rest.

4. jessica simpson seamless nursing bra
i have been living in these seamless nursing bras. i’ve tried lots of maternity/nursing bras and nothing is quite as comfortable as these. they are so soft and give me so much support right now and i know they’ll last quite a while still.

5. honest laundry detergent
since i’ve been washing everything in sight for this new baby, i’ve made sure to switch to the honest laundry detergent for everything she will be using in her first few months with us. this detergent is the bet for newborns because you never know what kind of scents they’re allergic to. i stuck with this detergent until addison was six months old and i plan to for this baby as well.

6. nivea smooth sensation lotion
a pump of this lotion on my legs, feet and belly every night before i go to bed and i don’t have ANY itchy skin this time around. plus it smells so clean and fresh. i would take a bath in this stuff if i could.

7. olly prenatal vitamins
i couldn’t do another nine months of prenatal horse pills. thank goodness for olly chewable prenatal vitamins. they taste just like a citrus gummy and make it very easy to get in all my nutrients for this little nugget growing inside me every day.

8. crest pro-health advanced mouthwash
in the last month or so, i have become obsessed with mouthwash before bed. i’ve never really been much of a mouthwash person but i saw a half full bottle in our bathroom closet a few weeks ago and now it’s an every morning every night absolutely have to do kind of thing. makes my mouth feel so fresh and clean!


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