well first and foremost i’m not going to be pregnant this holiday season so…bottoms up!

last year i went absolutely bananas on the blog with christmas everything.  it started with this awesome giveaway for black friday followed by a how to survive black friday post. then we got into the real juicy stuff like gift guides for every single family member or person i could think of. i also threw in a christmas movie list, playlist, diy gifts to make, a christmas quiz, homemade gift wrap and a delicious cheery recipe that makes my mouth water every time i think of it.

good thing i did all that last year because this year? shiz ain’t gonna happen at all. i mean, i have all to do to get this house in halfway decent condition and start painting every room in this place (because this tan color that has taken over every square wall space of this house makes me want to go blahhhh) before our parents come for the holidays.  and…yeah that’s in less than three weeks.

because 2014 has brought me chaos coming out of my eyeballs and i’ve slacked with gift guides when i could have been doing them the whole year, i’m just going to refer you to some really great ones for the next couple weeks when i see them.  you don’t mind right? why should i try to accomplish something only halfway when there are some absolutely incredible ones out there already?

no worries though, regular posting will continue.  it just won’t look all merry and bright as last year.  more like here’s some paint on a brush and cookie cutouts i sliced from a roll and stuck in the oven what’s up now! it’s cool right?



  1. November 26, 2014 / 6:37 pm

    Ok, so now I'm losing my mind trying to find those gloves! With no luck! I know its last years gift guide, but any advice??

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