The Story of a Girl

These past twelve days have been absolutely incredible.  I truly feel like we have been gifted this little miracle baby and I can’t stop staring at her and thanking God for bringing her into our lives. 

Words can’t express the love we have felt. 

Andrew has been amazing with helping me with everything.  He has had two weeks off of work and he has done everything from keeping the house clean to cooking me every single meal and bringing me my vitamins to feeding our baby when I’m just too exhausted in the middle of the night.  I honestly couldn’t have done this without him and I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side.

We have had wonderful visitors and people volunteering to help out with watching her while I get some rest.  Our house is filled with cards and presents; it’s overwhelming the love she is getting from everyone and at the same time, we couldn’t ask for a better support system.  I am just completely in awe of how people have made us feel.

Addison is finally gaining a little bit more weight and she is eating like a champ.  We’ve had no problems with this little dream boat baby girl of ours and I thank our lucky stars every day.  There are days when I just sit with her after she’s done feeding and tears stream down my face because I never realized I could love someone as much as I do.  I used to think people were crazy when I heard them say this but it’s a feeling only mamas know.  I hear love songs on the radio or on the television and my first thought goes immediately to her.  I want to protect her from all the harm and evil in this world.  I want her to know she will always be loved and never put in harms way.  It’s a gratifying and scary feeling all at once.  Every day is a gift and I find myself blocking out outside distractions so that I can get lost completely in the moment with her.

God is so so good.



  1. February 21, 2014 / 1:44 pm

    this is such a beautiful post, i love all the progression pictures! congratulations!

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