Last night on our walk, Jack decided to take a moment.

He sniffed along the trees, he was running around in, found things satisfactory and then planted himself down right there in the middle of an island in the subdivision we take our walks in.  Belly to grass soaking it all in.  I think he was mostly just happy he didn’t have a cone on his head anymore.

I was getting anxious and kept urging him to get up so we could head on back since my sister was at home with Addison but he just sat there happy as can be so I took a moment myself.

Eventually he got up lazily and sniffed every flower and tree and light post and dead animal he could find until we stumbled into the house and he crashed in front of the air conditioner unit.  Legs stretched out he looked at me, like old times.

Like it was just the two of us again.  I rubbed his belly and he rolled over just a little more, as if to say now rub that area right there mom.

The house eventually turned quiet after my sister left and the baby was asleep and it was just me and my puppy again.  We cuddled up on the couch, one paw resting on my leg and his head resting along my side.

This dog can be trouble and he can be mischief but he has also been the one who has taught me so much about life.  To stop and smell the flowers.  To not stay mad at anyone for too long.  To give lots of kisses when you still can.

Sometimes in life things are so obvious that it take me a minute to notice them.  Why wouldn’t I give kisses to those I hold so dearly the minute I see them even though I think I am mad at them.  Why wouldn’t I stop and smell the flowers, for they are only around for so long.  Why do I need so many toys and clothes and things, when I am happy with the things I have like Jack is happy with just a tennis ball even though he has a bajillion toys.

It was a good lesson from that still ole brown dog of mine with that scruffy nose and curly hair.  To plant a seat in the grass, maybe check out a bug and be grateful for the most simplest things in life.

Thanks for that, Jack.



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