1. my new haircut! i’ve spent thirty years going between “no i’m going to grow it out” and “never mind, i just want it all chopped off” but my last haircut from my new stylist is the most perfect length and she even taught me how to style it with a curling wand and all. i’ve tried it a few times now and the best part is the curl stays through the next day too. hooray for finally feeling like an adult who knows what to do with her hair! 😉

2. amelia’s little walk. she doesn’t so much do the penguin walk but more like lifting up her feet really high when she walks, so as not to trip over something? i’m not really sure what her thoughts are but she’s two weeks into officially being a little walker babe and it’s just about the best thing in the world to witness.
3. this spring weather right now has me with all the heart eyes. it was 70 out last week and we had a picnic in the park with friends. it was amazing and makes me wish that it would stay this way so i could stop trying to find indoor activities to do with the kids!

4. i recently got this humidifier because we had to throw out an old one due to nasty stuff growing in it despite me cleaning it out all the time. it’s so hard to find a good humidifier and my skin has been so dry from the cold plus the girls have had such terrible coughs and i can’t help but think it’s because of the dry air. our new humidifier has been incredible though. the air doesn’t feel nearly as dry and i already can feel a difference in my skin (read: my skin on my hands isn’t flaking anymore!). this is the one we got in case you’re interested in giving it a try.
5. vegetable trio quinoa mix from trader joes with salsa, hard boiled eggs and manchego cheese. now that i’m not doing whole30 anymore, i am once again obsessed with it.

6. these overalls are on repeat in my mom closet. i know they’re kids overalls but i bought the size XL and they fit like a dream. plus they were only $25 since they were kids as opposed to $40+ for adult overalls. how could i go wrong?
7. i recently picked up a new pair of tennis shoes because my converse ones were getting rough looking after wearing them on repeat for the last few years. my new sperry’s are slip on shoes and i really can’t imagine it any other way. like why didn’t i always just have slip on tennis shoes instead of worrying about tying them every time? maybe that’s the lazy in me talking but it’s so much easier to slip them on and go, especially when i’m juggling two kids and numerous bags (or what it always feels like).

8. we are officially going to puerto rico next month and i’m so excited! this was the plan for a while but we weren’t a hundred percent positive it would happen until a few weeks ago and i cannot wait. and you know what another pretty awesome part is? we’re leaving the kids behind. haha, i’m going to miss them terribly but i am really looking forward to some time where i’m not chasing after two toddlers or changing diapers or begging addison to eat her food.
9. i am getting my second trunk club box this week and i am really looking forward to trying on everything that’s in it. my stylist was amazing and she pretty much nailed it on the head with the things that i like. once it’s here, i’ll be sure to share it on my insta-stories. i shared my first trunk club box on my insta-stories and had some great feedback from everyone; it’s always nice to hear other people’s opinions, especially when you’re indecisive!
10. play keurig coffee makers. the girls got so many toys between both their birthdays and christmas these last two months but i can easily say, the tiny pretend keurig machine is just about the cutest thing i’ve ever seen.


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