Talking February and March Goals

We may be a week into March already but I’m still talking goals and hoping that I’ll be able to accomplish March’s goals.  I feel like these days lately are all one big blur between changing diapers, feedings, and bouncing around because all Addison wants is to be held.  Not that I mind but…let’s just say Netflix binge watching is the biggest thing that has been accomplished lately.  So on that note, here’s how February goals went…

  • Drink 60 ounces of water.  I have no idea if I did this or not because I stopped keeping track a few days into the month but I do know that I was drinking 60+ ounces of liquid every day.  Also, is it possible to have cravings after you’ve given birth?  Because I seriously cannot drink enough apple juice these days.  And it started minutes after Addison was born.  I’m pretty sure I drank the hospital out of apple juice completely.
  • Finish de-cluttering and deep cleaning the house.  I don’t think I will ever be done de-cluttering the house but I did get rid of a lot last month and I was constantly cleaning in anticipation that the baby would come any day.  I’m still on the quest to get rid of half of everything I own though.  How did I end up saving so much stuff?!  I feel like I am constantly asking myself this.
  • Open the bible and pray on a more regular basis.  Even though opening the Bible didn’t happen nearly as much as I had planned, prayer happened.  A lot and a lot of prayer.  Between asking God to help me in the few weeks before Addison was born to praying that everything would be okay during delivery to constantly praying that God helps us raise her right and about a million prayers in between, I feel like I am finally able to comfortably go to God (and my pastor for that matter) without hesitation.
  • Don’t panic when I become a mom.  I was worried that I would not have those motherly instincts that people always say will kick in when you see your child.  Apparently I do and what a relief that is!  That’s not to say I don’t panic from time to time and worry on a constant basis but I’m slowly and surely getting the hang of this being a new mom thing.  And I’m pretty much loving it.

My goals for March are…

  • Get business cards for the blog
  • Pre-write blog posts for the week every Monday
  • Get dressed five days a week (this seems ridiculous if you aren’t a mom…a little makeup and jeans instead of sweats do wonders for a new moms self-esteem)
  • Read and dance and sing to Addison

It’s strange how goals change from one month to the next.  It’s been hard to get to the computer the last couple weeks but I am going to try making this blog one of my priorities this month.  It’s one of my favorite happy places and just because I have a family and am raising a child now doesn’t mean I want to stop doing something I love.  My biggest goal this month is to write all my posts on Monday’s so I have something ready for the blog every day but am still focusing on what’s most important right now which is my family.  The business cards are something I have been pining over for a while and now I just need to bite the bullet and order them.  The getting dressed goal…well that’s something anyone who is a mom understands.  The last four weeks I have been living in sweats and barely taking the time to take showers but I need to change that.  My last goal is more of a reminder to sing and dance and read with Addison.  She may only be four weeks old but I can’t wait to develop a relationship with her and see her grow.  And I want her to be able to remember her childhood as something of a story with twirling and fairytales and terrible voices singing happily.

Here we go next three weeks!  Don’t let them get away from you like I almost did!


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