Taking Stock Round Two

You can see round one here.

Making : time to read after Addison goes to bed at night.

Cooking : zucchini chips every single night.
Drinking : a lot of apple juice.  still.
Reading: Divergent.
Wanting: to buy more Oh Joy! party decorations but am resisting temptation.  and Target.
Looking: at things to do and see on our next vacation to Tennessee!
Playing: house.
Deciding: on what workout routine I want to do for the 1800 minute challenge that starts tomorrow.
Wishing: I knew had my to do list completed already.
Enjoying: my happy baby.
Waiting: for answers to a lot of unknowns.
Liking: everything bright and colorful on Pinterest.
Wondering: if I will ever finish a book again.
Loving: watching Andrew and Addison’s bedtime routine every night.
Pondering: too many things.
Considering: signing up for a 5k in June but it still depends on a lot of things.
Watching: everything on netflix and hulu plus.
Hoping: that I can get my Pinterest boards organized this week…priorities I know.

Marveling: at tomorrow being April 1st already.
Needing: a root beer float.
Smelling: shampoo .
Wearing: yoga pants and a sweatshirt.
Following: taylor sterling on instagram.
Noticing: the snow melting and the birds chirping.
Knowing: that spring will be here soon.
Thinking: about how good God is.
Feeling: tired.
Admiring: single parents.  I couldn’t do this alone.
Sorting: out the basement and making more Goodwill piles.
Buying: diapers.
Getting: excited to see my Sara tomorrow.
Bookmarking: articles from babyzone.com
Disliking: 2am feedings but they are a little better when I see that beautiful baby face.
Opening: cards from Addison’s baptism.
Giggling: at Jack who howls when Addison cries.
Feeling: a little nervous about this 1800 minute challenge.  I haven’t worked out since last summer!
Snacking: on Cheerios.
Coveting: all the spring dresses from ASOS.


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