image: design sponge

i’ve been a big fan of indoor simple plants since i moved in to our previous house four years ago. i was completely intrigued with people who could keep those gorgeous potted beauties alive and always thought if only i could. well i never knew if i could because i never tried but lately they’ve been on my mind again.

i’ve rounded up a few examples of how they’re styled in homes because they are just gorgeous! these imaged have definitely inspired me to give it a shot myself.

image: elle decoration

i love that these little green guys are what add the color into the picture. allllll white and then a little greenery for the green eye.

image: a beautiful mess

what a genius idea to build a plant stand on top of a plant stand!!

image: old brand new blog
these plants don’t even look real. so gorgeous and i love that they’re bunched together on a bench.  like they’re pals and they have lots of stories and years of secrets together.

image: her new tribe
this corner is simply perfect. the different heights of the plants add lots of element plus it’s only one corner of the house to remember to water instead of running around with a watering can hope you didn’t miss any plants.

image: breanna rose

i’m a huge fan of adding nature into the top of a bookshelf/case. adds just a little something extra to your other beloved treasures.

what do you think? would you bring succulent plants into your home? and to all your vets out there, any tips to make them thrive in your space?


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  1. December 16, 2014 / 3:51 pm

    I have been really wanting to get more into plants. There are some that you can bring inside that help keep the air clean and such…and then succulents are just so cute! If anyone shares advice, fill me in!!!

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