spring indeed is here. the weather is bright and shiney, we’ve already had a few picnics at parks, and the parking lots at the gardens is constantly packed. it’s my favorite time of year right now when everything starts to bloom and heavy coats can be tucked in the closet for another seven months. everybody matches with their pale skin reflecting off the sun but before long it will have a nice healthy glow to it and sooner than we realize, babies with bronze arms and cheeks will be strolling alongside their mommies and daddies because all they want to do is play outside from sun up until sun down.

in spirit with the new season comes a new fun list of things to do. winter called for all the enjoyable creative indoor activities but spring calls for playing outside and making messes and letting the rain wash it away. it also calls for daily baths because the kiddos are constantly scraping their knees or laying in the grass or eating the sidewalk chalk (that’s amelia).

1. make our own play doh in rainbow pastel colors.

2. decorate easter eggs.

3. spend a day at the zoo.

4. make easter cookies.

5. visit the farmers markets.

6. go for a family bike ride.

7. take pictures of flowers.

8. have a picnic dinner at a park.

9. teach addison how to play hopscotch.

10. wear head to toe floral.

11. make a pie.

12. pick flowers.


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