Sneezes, Sniffles, and Reading Like A Crazy Person

You’re supposed to be reading a Project Life update on weeks two and three right now.  Except I didn’t get to it this past weekend.  In fact, I didn’t get to much the last three days.  A nasty case of a sore throat, massive running nose and a cough that is waking the neighbors at two in the morning has taken over my body.  Luckily the sore throat disappeared on Friday but the other two have only gotten worse.  It’s been a good time in the Campbell household.  Andrew follows me around with a bottle of Lysol and I’m convinced he’s used the entire can up in the last three days.

I spent the day in bed on Friday so I could muster up the energy to go to the hospital for a labor and birth class on Saturday morning.  Holy.Eye.Opener.  If you don’t know anything about labor and birth (hand raised high for me), I highly recommend going to a class like this if you can.  It will give you 5,000 more things to worry about and think about between now and the time you have your baby.  

One suggestion I do have though is that you make sure your husband/boyfriend/baby daddy eats a decent sized breakfast before going to the class.  At one point, we went into another room to practice breathing techniques and to find our “happy place” with a cd where a woman talks about beaches and air and whatever-ness.  Finding my center/happy place (ie. yoga) has never been a strong point for me anyways (I usually am laughing, sleeping, or keep one eye open) so I was really trying to focus on getting into that zone.

My eyes were closed, my head was resting on Andrew’s chest, and then I hear 

rawwwwwwr gurggggle grooooooan 

over and over.  I started looking around at who’s stomach that terrible noise was coming from and then I realized it was Andrew.  I shot him a look and neither of us could keep it together.  We may have gotten a couple evil glares from the lady who was teaching the class too.

By the time that class was over my nose was running like a waterfall and I was coughing more than I could handle.

Another suggestion, don’t wait until your due date is three weeks away to take a class like this.  I would have rescheduled immediately if I knew I would be this sick but since we were down to the wire quite literally, there wasn’t even another class offered before our due date.  So there was that.

The only plus about this whole being sick thing is that I have never gotten so much reading done in my life.  I just started my fourth book for January on Friday and I am almost done with it.  Bonus!  I killed this month with my read three books goal.  Another bonus is that when you’re sick, your mother-in-law brings you soup and your mom brings you Kopps chocolate malts.  Two greatest things ever if I do say so myself.

Lucky for you, there will be a book review post coming in the near future.  I mean, how can I not with all the reading I’ve been doing?

Toodles and drink lots of OJ.  Unless you want to be bed-ridden with a stack of books.  Then just move to Wisconsin where we get -40 degree wind chills.



  1. January 27, 2014 / 12:38 pm

    Although not jealous of your nasty cold, I am jealous of Kopps malts and endless reading! My high school swim team used to stop at Kopps every time we were in the Milwaukee area for a meet. It was always the highlight of the day trying to beat all the other Madison area teams to be the first ones at Kopps 🙂

    • February 3, 2014 / 4:06 am

      Hahaha…it's funny that you mention that because if you go later at night on a weeknight there are always high school kids there with their sports uniforms or gear still on! Kopps is SUCH a staple 🙂

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