toddler eating: tough stuff. i know many moms who find it daunting and if you don’t, then god bless you and your child. i was not blessed with a toddler who likes to eat what i give her. mostly addison eats what we eat for meals (with bribery and it taking five times longer than it should) and i almost have amelia eating the same thing we eat too with the exception of a couple things. i used to make her individual dinners from what andrew and i were eating and that was when she refused the most. now that she eats what we’re eating, she’s much more interested.

in her early toddler years, i worried about her nutrition a ton because she was so active but not as interested in eating. i thought i’d share some tips and tricks i’ve learned through my experience and hopefully it will help you if you’re child is having difficulties too.

tips and tricks for toddler eating:

1. get them involved. bring a chair or step stool to the counter and let them make the snack with you. take it out of the package or bag, put it on the plate, whatever!

2. present it to them in a fun way. i know this may take a little extra work but it’s worth it. take a cookie cutter and make that sandwich into a shape. put pretzel sticks in their hot dog coins to make it more fun. put the crackers or raisins or anything else small in easter egg containers so it’s a surprise when they open the container.

3. add something they really like. for example addison loves avocado so i usually include a little avocado with her meal and when she asks for more, i’ll tell her she needs to eat the rest of her meal before she gets more.

snack ideas for your toddler:

1. veggie straws // big hit with addison

2. blueberries // so sweet and little they can just pop them into their mouth

3. hard boiled eggs // such a good snack filled with protein

4. applesauce pouches // easy to access and no clean up!

5. avocado // a really good and healthy fat – this is addison’s FAVORITE!

6. cute up apple // she almost always requests an apple slice for walks

7. cheese sticks // we’re big cheese lovers in our house

9. granola bar // particularly the kind bars she loves but really she will eat any!


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  1. October 13, 2016 / 2:25 pm

    God bless you for writing this post. I struggle so hard with Sheffield and his eating. I love the pretzel sticks in hot dogs — definitely trying that out. And duh, cheese lovers — you ARE from Wisconsin. 🙂

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