Smiling at the Little Things

New routines and all things that make life feel busy and full.  Summer is officially over in fifteen days and it’s already starting to feel like fall in our neck of the woods.  Here’s a few pictures over the last couple weeks that have reminded me how little (and big) things can make my heart smile…

^^ Frisbee golfing with the husband and Jack on work nights.

^^Flowers from sweet friends picked straight from their garden.

^^ A dog house built by my mom for Jack.  Yes, that’s a porch.  He loves it.

^^ Fourth of July fireworks at sunset.

^^ Camping and canoeing at this site.  Could that view get any better?  I mean really…

^^Farmers markets in all their colorful glory.

^^Announcing to our parents that we are pregnant.  No, the due date isn’t a typo…January 26th was originally when the baby was going to be here.

^^Seeing Jason Aldean in concert.  Did I mention my best friend is pregnant too?  And she’s having twins!!!  Our baby already has two best friends and it’s not even here yet!

^^Roadtripping it to Iowa to see this girl.

^^Testing out the new baby.

^^Stealing firetrucks at the Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary.

^^Meeting Joan Jett.  She’s so much shorter than what I thought!

^^Cuddles and naps with this one.

^^We got to ride in the 110th Anniversary parade through downtown.  Seriously such an honor (an an experience I’ll never forget!).

^^High fives for all.

And that concludes the picture overload for this Saturday afternoon.  

Happy weekend!



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