I’ve talked about this a few times before but I have been in the process of simplifying my life for the last few years and I have accumulated a lot of good tips and tricks I’ve implemented so I thought it would be helpful to share on here with you! Read to the bottom too because I’m going to mention something fun I’m going to start doing on Instagram!

-When I’m at the gas station, I clean out my car while the gas is pumping. The garbage can is right there at the pumps so I just take those two minutes or whatever it is to grab all my trash and throw it out. If I don’t have trash to throw out, I collect all the random stuff that has accumulated and put it back where it belongs.

-We keep a basket of shoes at the back door so when we come in they all get dropped off in the basket and when we leave the house, we’re not running around the house trying to find the other shoe.

-Every night after the kids go to bed, I grab an empty laundry basket and gather all the things that need to go back to their proper place. That way I just have that one laundry basket to focus on and get done and it feels so much better to sit down and watch TV when there aren’t a million kids toys or empty glasses strewn about.

-I also do a five or ten minute cleanup daily during the girls quiet time just to get things back in order. I know if I didn’t do this halfway through the day, I would easily spend an hour picking up my house every night and that’s just wasted time to me.

-I use the notes app on my phone for everything! I put a screenshot below of what my notes app looks like but I basically do three emojis on your first line and the second line is the topic. It looks so much cleaner and easier to find something you’re looking for!

-Both of the girls go to school a couple times a week so the night before, I always make sure to have their clothes picked out for the next day and their backpacks and lunches packed and ready to go so I can just grab them and fly out the door in the morning.

There’s so so many more tips and things I’d love to share with y’all so I’m going to be starting a series on Instagram where I give a couple tips a week on how I try to keep our life a little simpler. I’d love for you to join me at @bakersfarmblog!


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