over the last two weeks, we’ve been learning how to settle in to our new home and make it ours. amidst all the boxes and unpacking, we’ve found comfort in knowing this will be our place for a long time. we’re already talking about things we want to add or change in our place so i know for certain we’re here to stay! the day we all moved in, the girls acted different than they had in any other house before. they were chasing each other from room to room and rolling on the carpet in the bedrooms and picking out which room they wanted and playing together. it’s like they knew this was home. and when i cooked my first real meals that weren’t boxed mac and cheese or frozen pizza in the kitchen and saw the kitchen a disaster because of a good hearty meal that we would eat, that’s what made me feel like it was home. 

haha, but in all honestly, we have a lot to unpack still and every time i get so excited about the garage getting cleared out and unpacked, andrew shows up with more boxes from the storage unit and i’m just like meh, let’s just throw em out! some of the boxes haven’t been opened for a year and a half so it’s clear there’s toooooo much stuff. but it’s fun to discover things we’ve completely forgotten about.

anyway, new rhythms are starting to set in too. tomorrow the girls start at a new school which i’m a little nervous about but i know they’ll be fine. we met a lot of our neighbors at a block party last night. trick or treat in the neighborhood is tomorrow night and i’m excited to get the girls in their costumes and walk around the neighborhood with them all dressed up. also this neighborhood is like a dream. kids are playing in the streets all the time and neighbors wave to each other and talk to each other and it’s just so friendly and homey!

the sun has been warming us up in the morning after breakfast when we play in our backyard and i sit with a cup of coffee watching and playing with the girls. then in the afternoon when amelia naps, addison is actually going in her room and having quiet time again (in the last house she hated going to her room with books and there was always crying involved). when dinner time rolls around, both girls automatically go to their playroom (we have a playroom!!!) and play together while i make dinner and man you guys, things and rhythm and cooking has just been so good for my soul right now. like all this craziness of this past year is worth it for these moments right here. plus fall and cozy meals and the windows open can make anybody happy right?

hope your autumn season is going well <3


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