a new season began last month and i’m so excited and grateful! both girls started going to school for a few hours a day, three days a week. they absolutely love it now that they’re in the swing of things and i’m incredibly thankful to get a few hours alone to get things done. as much as september is usually our month of new and good rhythm and as much as we had that last month, we are going to be entering another month of new with an upcoming exciting event happening at the end of october. i’ll share it here next week (and i may have spilled it on instagram already) but for now, here is a quick recap of september and sharing what’s coming up for october.

september monthly goals
no spend september (save save save!) i bought a few things that weren’t completely necessary but overall i did really good at not spending and thinking twice before adding things to my cart!
learn more about collaborations and helping small companies this is definitely a process. everything is a process in blogging right? 😉
finish organizing photos on both computers i’m about eighty percent there! i was continuing this from when i did half of it in july but i had over 11,000 pictures JUST ON MY LAPTOP and even way way more than that on my desktop so going through each of those pictures and deciding what to keep and what to get rid of has been a process indeed but one i will be grateful for when it’s all said and done.
read four or five books four books complete!
start our parents goal guide book we totally forgot to sit down and do this together in september so i’m hoping october will be a good season for making some parenting goals for our family.
spend girls school hours intentionally i’ve been doing my best with this. i’m trying to stay out of stores and pack my own lunch to eat before i pick up the girls instead of stopping at panera but some days are better than others. the thing about the kids school is that it is almost an hour drive one way there so i don’t come home in between drop off and pick up. that’s part of the reason i wanted to add this as a goal because i don’t want to sit in a coffee shop scrolling through facebook or instagram or whatever.

september weekly goals
pack lunches & backpacks night before school days yep! every night and it’s really helped out mornings not get so stressful.
blog four times a week nope. and i’m learning to be okay with that.
write the word journal this journal continues to prove itself every time i open it and my bible. i hardly ever cracked my bible (but always had intention…just never knew where to start) before these journals and now my bible is constantly on a space in front of me reminding me to lean on Him.
cook dinner at least four times/week probably not every week but for the most part i cooked a lot.
meal plan and prep i did this a couple times and a couple times i didn’t. the times i did i found it super helpful because i didn’t have to put much thought into what we were going to eat and i’m sure if i learn to meal plan and prep consistently, i will easily be able to cook four + times a week no problem.

september daily goals
h20 60+ oz not everyday no.
lay out clothes night before on days i needed to (school days), yes this definitely happened.
floss yes.
walk jack about 80% of the 30 days i walked him.
eat veggies/fruit yes
bed by 10:30pm most days yes, a couple days no.

now on to my goals for october…

october monthly goals
share fall bucket list
finish packing our stuff
start unpacking boxes and organizing after our move
book trip to florida for next year
read six books
finish organizing photos on both computers

october weekly goals
put phone away by 9pm
have backpacks and lunches packed on school nights

october daily goals
being in the word and in prayer each morning
eat a salad for lunch
walk jack
throw in a load of laundry
read twenty minutes

not a ton this month but we will be super busy anyway so i’m glad it’s a lighter month with goals! do you make goals every month? this has helped me immensely with getting things accomplished!


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