remember when i shared my goals every month? yeah so the summer months were skipped but anyways who has time for blogging biz when there’s skin to be tanned and drinks to be drunk and cookouts to be had? now that summer is wrapping up, even though it’s 92 degrees outside right now, i’m hoping to jump on board with a lot more blogging and goal setting starting with this month!

this is where i would normally do a quick recap of last month but since last month goals was mainly to enjoy all our company, i’m chalking it up to a success. we had a LOT of it, hence the lack of blogging.

some of the goals you see this month are more play and some are more hustlin’. we have just three and a half months before this baby gets here so i’ve got the to-do lists going and things are being crossed off left and right.

we are taking two long weekend vacations this month and i’m very much looking forward to us three being together while we still can. with the cooler weather (please god) coming soon, i want to get back into knitting too. i made two scarves last fall and those were my first things i’ve ever knit. next up will hopefully be a baby blanket so long as i don’t find myself so frustrated i end up quitting.

september…yes. i am looking forward to you very much my friend.


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