slow down. put away distractions. wake up before addison. sip coffee while it’s still hot and enjoy the sunrise. watch your baby jump on the couch. have a day where you only let her wear a diaper and her booties. watch them smile. feel yourself smile back. play hide and seek with them even if it’s well past their bedtime. have picnics. and friends over to play. color with sidewalk chalk even when it’s chilly out. feed them vegetables before the rest of the meal. snuggle with them in the early mornings. actually just snuggle with them all day every day. hoist them up on your hip and belly and back, they’re only little for so long. let them put your shoes on and walk around the house. invite them to hep you with the chores (i know my little one loves this lately). if she sees a puddle or mud pile, tell her to go for it. laundry doesn’t take long. slow down. savor the moment. breathe it in. write it down. hold it in your heart.


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  1. October 26, 2015 / 9:16 pm

    She can stop growing now…..I want to play with her before she's not so little anymore!

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