day two of the girls going to school and it’s raining. i didn’t cry today. thankfully. yesterday i was a mess and sat in the parking lot for a half hour hoping someone would call from the school saying amelia or addison needed me. it didn’t happen. nobody needed me for those short three hours they were at school. it’s a good thing they didn’t need me. but apparently i needed them. anyway. it’s day two of them going to school and i’m sitting in the library looking out the window as it pours outside. it’s nice to have some quiet time to collect my thoughts but after three hours of “collecting my thoughts” and running errands, i’m glad it’s not longer than that before i see my little bugs again.

with september here, i’m excited to fall back into a routine again. we’re not traveling or going anywhere anytime soon and it’s so nice to fall back into a good rhythm with our family. also with cooking. i barely cooked at all this summer and i’ve missed it. also september = the start of fall and i always start cooking a lot more in fall. the air starts to get crisp, the oven is bearable to turn on because it’s not 100 degrees outside and the comfort food can start coming out because no one is prancing around in bathing suits anymore. another season of eating to our hearts content without worry about fitting into that bikini! i live for this time of year.

long sleeves too. and pants. i’m still in shorts right now and probably will be for a bit because the south doesn’t care much about season changing (although i have noticed north carolina changes a little bit sooner weather wise than alabama does and i don’t hate that). long sleeves and jeans and leggings only leads to cozy sweaters and knee high boots. can you smell the fall in the air? i can. the other day i walked up my driveway to get the mail and leaves, a lot of leaves, were circling the street. hooray! fall! i’ve missed you so.


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