Project Life 2014: Weeks Six, Seven, Eight & Nine

I’m slowly but surely getting caught up with my Project Life book.  I can’t wait until I’m finally caught up with it completely and can scrapbook current stuff (but let’s be real…will I ever be all the way caught up?).   Anyways, I’m still loving this ongoing project and I can’t wait to look back at it years from now because I know it will be something I cherish forever.

Weeks of February 3-9, February 10-16, and February 17-23, and February 24 – March 2

A few things that happened over these four weeks:

  • We welcomed out sweet baby girl into the world!!!
  • We had lots of sleepless nights, tired eyes, and a TONNNN of visitors.
  • I took way too many pictures of Addison and these pages slowly turned into a baby book.  Hopefully it won’t stay like this forever but I won’t hate it if it does.
  • We celebrated our five year dating anniversary on Valentines Day.
  • We celebrated our two years of being married with a date night for just us two at The Melting Pot (seriously SUCH good food).

I hope I delivered like I said I would with these pages looking a bit better than my last Project Life recap!

I think my favorite part of these four weeks is typing up Addison’s birth story and putting a page protector insert in the binder so I always have it.  That along with her footprints from the hospital make this week of her birth seem so much more meaningful since I’ll always have that in there.  

Even though I don’t have a lot of time to work in this these days I honestly always love how it turns out.  I hate leaving all these memories on a computer flash drive somewhere where it’s impossible to go back and flip through.  Woohoo for this incredible Project Life scrapping system.  Best invention out there!


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