Project Life 2014: Weeks Four & Five

I’m finally getting caught up with this project and it feels so so good.  Except for these pictures are the crappiest pictures ever.  I should just wait to put this post up but I was getting so anxious to show you.  This is what happens with i-Phone pictures though.

Weeks of January 20-26 and January 27-February 2

A few things that happened over these two weeks:

  • My co-workers through me a baby shower with this awesome cake
  • I got super sick which resulted in not taking a ton of photos
  • Andrew got his first tattoo of his half sleeve
  • Andrew got his Masters diploma in the mail
  • We attended the baptism of Chelsey’s boys and I am the proud godmother to Griffin!
  • We took baby bump pictures in the park across the street from our house
  • Andrew made an amazing Superbowl dinner
  • My dad and I went to the art museum

These two pages are definitely two of my very favorite ones in the book so far!

I’m learning throughout this book that I have certainly missed scrapbooking that’s for sure.  Every time I pull out my Project Life stuff I get so excited about it and never want to put it away…even if I just putz with it a little bit everyday.  I am also learning that I need to take pictures of the pages during the date instead of at night.  Clearly.  I am getting close to being caught up with it finally and hope to be sharing the rest of the project up to date in the next few weeks.  Week six is my very favorite since it features Addison’s birth and the first few days here!  I promise promise promise I will take better pictures for that one!


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