this project came along kind of on a whim. i was packing up christmas decorations in the beginning of the month and the cards were (as always) my last thing to pack away. actually i didn’t take them down until a week or two after all the christmas decorations were already packed away. i always feel it’s so final once the cards are tucked away. as i was taking them down this year i was thinking about what i would do with them. usually they just get tucked into a plastic bin and hidden somewhere, only to be found years later with the question again of what on earth should i do with these? actually this happens with all my cards. i love to keep them because of the thought people put in to sending them and writing them but i never know what to do with them.

that’s when i hopped on pinterest and saw the wedding card book that i pinned eons ago and it dawned on me that i should make my holiday cards into a book! why not right? it all made sense…i could make a book for every season in life. i have all my wedding cards still and engagement cards and wedding shower and baby shower cards. they could all be books so i have somewhere to treasure and keep them all!

this actually turned into a really fun project to put together because i was able to look back at our card we sent out as well as everyone else’s. the best part of this project was that it was super elementary; cards, hole punch, super glue, stamps, some pretty tape and markers and a little cutting.

supplies i used to make this were a hole puncher, ruler, christmas cards, stock paper, washi tape, a gold marker, stamps, stamp pad, ribbon, scissors and a glue stick.

to make this card book, i cut each card that was a fold open card and glued the inside message to the back of the front card so it became one piece.  there’s a couple that i left together only because it had sweet personal notes written on the inside cover that i didn’t want to cover but that’s completely your choice. i then punched holes in the same two places of every card using a ruler to make sure all the holes would be spaced out correctly.

a little washi tape, stickers, stamps, and a marker made my front cover on card stock and voila! this project was so easy and i was able to stop it when addison woke up from her naps and start it up again whenever i had time.

i can’t wait to do this with the rest of my cards!

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  1. January 29, 2015 / 5:58 pm

    This is so perfect!! I always just have mine in a stack and never really know what to do with them.

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