i am prone to loosing my keys. it’s not a recent thing either. i have been losing my keys on a weekly basis since i was 17 years old when i got my drivers license. impressive i know. when i started this 28 before 29 challenge, i knew i had to make myself a big floofy obnoxious keychain that i would be able to find easily. lo and behold came this tassel keychain.

it was fun to make and so easy. i took a few pictures as i went along but if you’re looking to make a tassel keychain for yourself, you can find the full instructions on ann-maries site.

i made the pink one for my sister and the orange one for myself.  i could have just done one color i suppose but the color with the white gave it just a little something extra that it needed. i’ve been using mine for two weeks now and i can always find my keys now! plus it’s a nice distraction when i need something for addison if we’re standing in line at the grocery store.


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