so we are about four and a half months in to living here in alabama and i thought now would be a good time to share a little on how our house updates are going. i was going to include before pictures but it’s seriously not that long ago since i shared the before so if you want a before, you can find it here.

there’s a little story behind this flag. it was my great great grandpa’s flag and my grandma gave it to me when she moved. we have a second living room downstairs where we house the tv and originally it was going to go down there. we had a whole plan for that room and it was going to be centered around this flag.

then one sunday andrew and i were doing things around the house and we thought we would pull out this flag to see how big it was. we never have opened it before and we thought it was half this size at best. turns out it was a little bit bigger. like eleven feet by seven feet. ha.

so i’m glad we brought her out when we did because plans changed. we absolutely could not say no to hanging a flag that has 48 stars though so now she lives upstairs in our main room since it’s the only wall big enough in the house.

the robin’s egg blue in the kitchen was the first thing that had to go. we are so glad we made this change because that color hurt our eyes like none other and we spend a good amount of our time in the kitchen.

since the dining room and eat in kitchen are directly next to each other, we thought we would put a cart in the kitchen temporarily until we find a tall breakfast bar. it didn’t make a whole lot of sense to us to put two dining tables right next to each other.

another thing i absolutely love about this space is that little desk and computer space. it’s where i do all my blogging and it’s the perfect dj center for dance parties while making dinner.

i just completed this guest bedroom last week and am absolutely in love with how it turned out. i want to keep guest room decor to a minimum so guests don’t feel overwhelmed when they stay with us. the hangers and magazines were a perfect touch and the room only needs another two more wall things to the right of the bed and some curtains and she should be complete.

addison’s room is always a work in progress with hanging things on the walls but we’re getting there. that make shift bookcase is a temporary thing until we can find one that works for that space but for now she loves it so i do too.

and our bedroom still doesn’t have a bed. it’s coming people, it’s coming.

please excuse the giant swatch of color in this room. that color was the plan prior to the flag unveiling. now we are back at square one with what we should paint this room.

this is another guest room on the lower level that i can’t wait to start working on. i think this one is going to be beautiful once the walls are painted and decorations are added. i’d been eyeing that duvet cover for months before i finally made the splurge (and it didn’t end up being much of a splurge since it was on sale in the store!) so i can’t wait to dress the rest of this room up.

and that’s it. that’s our house! our home! i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again; i want this house decorated and lived in sooner rather than later so we can enjoy our time in alabama and not be working on house projects all the time like we did with our previous house. we have no idea how long we will stay here but the odds of it being forever are unlikely so we want to enjoy this adventure while it’s in front of us. 

i’m finally getting down to just the stuff that i absolutely love in our home and letting go of the rest. and that right there is a good feeling. thanks for letting me share.



  1. March 26, 2015 / 2:07 pm

    I love the ceilings in your dining area!!! They are gorgeous! And that flag is so cool!!!! Certainly the focal point of a room. I find it hard to decorate spaces just because I have so many ideas. You have only been in the house 4 months and are much further along than me 2.5 years later on decorating our house haha! Looking good lady!

  2. March 26, 2015 / 3:28 pm

    It looks amazing!! I'm obsessed with that giant flag! What a great piece.

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