We have officially hopped on the potty training train with Amelia! I knew it was about time to start with all the signs she’d been showing but I really wanted to get through all the travels that June brought before we started. So here we are! I’ve shared a bit about it on Instagram and have been getting a bunch of questions so I thought I’d share with you how we managed to get this girl potty trained in three days!

Amelia is two and a half and had been showing signs of using the toilet for at least a month or two now. She would let me know when she would go in her diaper and she always wanted to sit on the potty before taking a shower or bath. Even though she never went then, the act of practicing using the toilet was exciting to her. She also was always watching her sister or me so she was familiar with what should happen.

We’d read a book about using the toilet a couple times and bought her new underwear around Easter time with her favorite characters on it so she would be excited about wearing them. She knew they were in her top drawer just waiting for the time to come.

June brought a lot of craziness with two out of state trips and family in town so I waited for the month to be over before I started potty training. The day before we talked about it a lot and I told her how excited that she was going to start using the big girl potty tomorrow.

We had the guest bathroom (it’s closest to the main living area and there’s no carpet in sight to get there so this made the most sense) all ready with a small potty for her and a book that’s just for the bathroom. I hung up a sticker chart that I printed off Pinterest and let her pick out her own stickers to stick on when she went. I also set out a bowl of M&M’s for her. Every time she went, she would get two M&M’s and if she went poop on the potty she would get four M&M’s. (To keep it fun for Addison who was also stuck at home with us for three days, she would also get M&M’s when Amelia went potty. Two M&M’s if she really cheered and made a thing about Amelia using the potty, one M&M if her cheers weren’t that great.)

Our first morning, she knew what was going to happen and got in her new underwear right away. I asked her every ten to fifteen minutes and if she continuously said no, we would try at the twenty minute mark. She didn’t have any accidents the first morning and I honestly couldn’t believe it. It was unreal but I knew it had to have been a fluke! That night there were a few accidents while she was playing but both times she had the accidents she was in the middle of running to the bathroom and just didn’t make it in time.

The second day went great as well and she only had a few accidents throughout the day. She threw a fit when I told her she had to put on a pull-up for nap and bedtime but eventually she gave in. What’s even more incredible is when I got her up from nap time and her bed the next morning, she was dry both times. I at least thought she would tinkle overnight but it was almost like she trained herself to hold it.

The third day she only had one accident and the whole process had gone so smoothly that we took a chance and went out for ice-cream that night with her sporting her big girl underwear underneath her shorts. She was so proud of herself.

Those first three days of potty training she didn’t wear anything but underwear and a top. I know some people do the “naked potty” training but I didn’t want her to think it was normal to wear nothing on her bottoms, plus I hated the thought of her bare bottom on my couch!

We also went completely cold turkey on diapers. Once I put her in underwear that first day, I was not going to let her wear a pull-up or diaper anymore unless it was nap or bed time. I personally think this is the best way to go because when kids have an accident and they feel it dripping down their legs, they’re going to want to get out of the underwear immediately whereas a pull-up is kind of like another diaper and it might not bother them so much. Again, that’s just my opinion and everyone has their own way of doing things. You do you 🙂

Andrew was around yesterday and took the girls on some errands with Amelia in underwear and the kids potty in the back of the car and you guys. NOT ONE ACCIDENT!!! She’s already pooped in the potty too which blows my mind a little since it took Addison forever to poop in the potty.

When we are home, I plan on still just keeping her in underwear with no shorts for at least the first month. Luckily aside from a field trip here and there, we will be at home for the full month of July. And whenever we travel or go on a field trip you can bet the potty seat will be in the back of a car to use at a moments notice 😉


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