Here we are with postpartum weeks two and three, because I couldn’t quite get it together last week to post week two by itself! I’ll answer as many questions as I can think of and if there’s ever something you want me to add, just let me know! The first image is from week two and the second is from week three.

Previous updates:
Postpartum – Week One

Current weight: 145 (down from 163 when I gave birth). Lost a lot of water weight, gained a lot of boobie weight 😉

How I feel physically: Really great! I feel like my old self again, just with a little (read: LOT) of extra squishy parts and I feel like I could start working out again. Obviously I won’t yet but that’s how good I feel right now!

How I feel emotionally: Overall pretty good but there are definitely moments when the overwhelm feeling sets in and I cry over nothing or I’ll look at Paxton and just start crying because a year from now he will be so completely different or I’ll have a rough day with one of the girls and I’ll just sob about it after they go to bed. Motherhood is quite the emotional rollercoaster but it will all even itself out soon!

Breastfeeding update: Okay this is a huge win for me because I don’t cringe every time I have to nurse like I did the first few weeks (or months with our first) with our first two babies. I feel like nailing the wide open latch is key right from the get-go and the nipple balm I shared last week has helped in between nursing sessions when they feel a little extra tender. Paxton had a little rougher time in the first week because he basically refused to eat from one side which left me VERY lopsided and my whole body confused but we changed nursing positions on that side and now he’s a champ on both sides!

Paxton’s current weight and progress: At his two week appointment, he was 9 pounds 1 ounce which was a full pound from what he was the week before so he’s definitely chunking out and eating plenty! He’s bursting out of some of his newborn clothes already but I can still squeeze him into a couple things. He east every 2-3 hours during the day and I feed him at 9:30 before he goes to bed for the night then he wakes twice in the middle of the night to nurse. Last night he woke up 6 times unfortunately but he also had a lot of congestion and I’m working on getting him cleared of that. As long as it works, I’ll share what I did to make him feel better since there are such limited options when making a baby feel better. Stay tuned for that post!

Sleep: Paxton likes to sleep a lot during the day so I’ve been trying to keep him awake a little more during the day so he doesn’t get his nights/days confused. At night he mostly sleeps 2.5-3 hour stretches but during the day I try not to let him sleep longer that 1.5 hours at a time.

Favorite postpartum clothing item:

This poncho has been so awesome for doubling as a coat plus makes nursing so easy when out at about instead of trying to maneuver a blanket for coverage.

Favorite postpartum item (general):

I’m in love with these slides still (similar here); they’re so easy to throw on and run out the door when we’re doing the morning or afternoon hustle!

I found these nursing tank tops and have been wearing them non-stop too. They act as a bra but are a full tank so your back and belly aren’t exposed when you lift your shirt to nurse. I’m probably going to order a ton more because I hate when all of me is exposed and I’m trying to be modest in public.

Favorite baby item currently:

Muslin blankets are so versatile and we have so many of them. I use them for swaddling and cozy blankets obviously but also for nursing coverups and burps blankets. We have so many of them and use them all the time.

Bibs pacifiers // We bought a few different pacifiers and these are the ones he loves the most!

Solly wrap // I carry him in one every day around the 4pm hour when he just wants to be held. Anytime we go somewhere too I’m usually wrapping him in this.

Old Navy quilted footie pajamas // These footie pajamas are the BEST ONES EVER. Not only are they super warm and cozy for him but they zipper from the bottom up so it makes middle of the night changing so much easier!

How the girls are adjusting: Great – They love their little brother so much. Addison is leveling out her behavior and it will all fall in to place so soon!

Advice who are in postpartum week 2 and/or 3: Enjoy this time right now. It’s exhausting and can be hard but these newborn days are the most precious and you’ll never get snuggles like a new baby snuggles. Soak it in because you will regret not doing so in a few months when they’re curious about everything!


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